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     Welcome to The Bridge Academy website.

      At Bridge we aim to combine the best of the state and independent sectors.  No aspect of our practice is      especially radical, rather, we aim to keep things simple and do them well.  For us, it really is all about         having a clear vision, being values driven, focusing relentlessly on results, and developing leaders at   every level of the organisation.

                                                                                                                Mr C Brown - Principal



    Welcome to The Bridge Academy.

    We are a school with a simple mission: We aim to ensure that all our students go on to University or a high quality equivalent, thrive in their chosen field and live a great life. In order to achieve these ambitious goals, everything we do at the Bridge is driven by our six core values:

    Bravery:      We meet our fears head on. We embrace challenges in order to thrive

    Respect:      We value everyone equally. We treat others as we would wish to be treated

    Integrity:     We do the right thing, even if no one is watching

    Drive:           We are determined to succeed. We never stop trying to get better.

    Grit:              We never give up, even when things get tough

    Excellence:  We go above and beyond, without excuses, to achieve the best.

    The Academy’s partner, UBS, the city financial firm, has supported education in Hackney for more than 15 years and The Bridge Academy represents its biggest single, long-term commitment as part of a wider drive to raise educational standards in Hackney. The scale of the partnership with UBS is unique in education, and offers our students amazing additional opportunities in parallel with the expertise and passion for learning of the Academy staff.


    As a result, The Bridge Academy is an academic, inclusive and inspirational environment where innovative thinking and creativity are encouraged and aspirations are raised. It is a hugely exciting place to work and study in, and one that I am extremely proud to be a part of.

    I hope that this website will give you a taste of what sets us apart as an Academy, and the sense of pride that we have here in all we achieve, both individually and as a community.

    Chris Brown, Principal

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  • Our vision is for The Bridge Academy to be an exceptional place where every student can make the most of their talents and abilities.

    We have very high aims for the Academy and our students. We are committed to creating an inspiring culture of ambition, achievement and learning that will lead to the highest possible standards. We aim to broaden our student’s horizons and motivate them to see the exciting possibilities within the wider worlds of work and higher education as they develop into the citizens of tomorrow.

    Our Mathematics and Music specialisms give our students a wide range of fantastic opportunities within a broad and bold curriculum and these opportunities don’t stop at the end of the Academy Day.

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