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  • The Bridge Academy opened in September 2007. We educate 900 students in Years 7-11.               Our Sixth Form which opened in September 2012 caters for 250 students in Year 12-13. Specialising in Music and Mathematics, we teach a broad and rich curriculum for students of all abilities.  The Bridge Academy gives young people the best possible education whatever their background or ability and helps them to develop a life-long enthusiasm for learning. A culture of high standards and achievement enables students to develop their full potential.                                                                                                                                                                                         Mr C Brown - Principal



  • Offering students opportunities to be successful and to flourish, both now and in the future, is our aim here at the Bridge Academy.


    From day one, we get to know our students and to work with them to tailor their education so that they progress, develop the courage to take risks and aspire to achieve. Through our close links with our primary schools, the local community and parents we make sure that we are able to support and inspire each individual student, whether that be through achieving academic excellence, a personal interest or passion that needs nurturing or helping them to become successful members of our Academy community.

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  • Our vision is for The Bridge Academy to be an exceptional place where every student can make the most of their talents and abilities.

    We have very high aims for the Academy and our students. We are committed to creating an inspiring culture of ambition, achievement and learning that will lead to the highest possible standards. We aim to broaden our student’s horizons and motivate them to see the exciting possibilities within the wider worlds of work and higher education as they develop into the citizens of tomorrow.

    Our Mathematics and Music specialisms give our students a wide range of fantastic opportunities within a broad and bold curriculum and these opportunities don’t stop at the end of the Academy Day.

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    Important Notice

    Monday 29 February

    The Academy is open as usual today for all year groups. Students should attend at 8.25am as normal.