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The Bridge Progression Programme provides high quality Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) to help students make important decisions about life after school, enabling us to be true to our promise to our students - to be “A Bridge to Your Future”.

The Bridge Progression Programme

Our Progression Programme supports the Bridge Mission:  to ensure that every student can succeed at a good university or equivalent, thrive in their chosen field and live a great life.

Our Programme is designed to ensure that our students are as prepared as possible to move successfully from year to year, Key Stage to Key Stage, to university or other educational pathway, an apprenticeship, training or employment.  We aim to raise students' aspirations, broaden horizons, and challenge stereotypes. 

Our comprehensive Progression Programme is delivered through a mixture of PSHE lessons, assemblies, tutor time, workshops, visits, work experience, the biennial Progression Fair and the Year 9, Year 11 and Post-Sixth Form Options Programmes, with clearly identified learning outcomes for each Year group.

Our award-winning partnership with UBS, a global financial services firm, adds a special dimension to our Programme, with around 800 volunteers a year contributing their insights in a variety of ways, helping our students to gain a better understanding of the world of work, different career paths, and the skills that are valued in the workplace, and to develop these skills. 

The Programme is designed to ensure students’ understanding develops over time, and students:

  • Are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve positive destinations, contribute to a productive and successful economy, and flourish in a stratified society and a fast-changing world
  • Become confident, resilient, adaptable, and active citizens
  • Understand their skills, talents, and interests and what they need to fulfil their potential, and reach and succeed in the careers to which they aspire
  • Make informed decisions about their next steps including choice of qualifications, educational and careers pathways

Covid-19 has meant that we have been unable to run our usual Progression Programme since March 2020.


An essential part of our Progression Programme is regular contact with people from the business world and former students, providing insights into the world of work and different educational pathways.

Each year, our students meet business volunteers and Bridge alumni who are either in work, doing an apprenticeship, or at university.  Between Years 7-13 Bridge students benefit from career assemblies, enterprise workshops, work placements, subject-based activities, and can attend career insight evenings.  Sixth Formers can have their CVs reviewed, mock interviews and a mentor from UBS. 

Our Programme is also enriched by a range of expert organisations, colleges and universities, including The Brokerage, ELBA, Future First, the Careers Collaborative, Inspire!, Pathways Careers Training and Mentoring, Prospects, Pure Potential, The Skills Builder Partnership, UBS, and Unifrog.


All Bridge students have a work placement in Years 10 and 12.

Work experience is a valuable opportunity for students to learn first-hand about specific professions and careers.  Students have a range of opportunities to choose from:

  • Each year we have 20-30 prestigious work placements at UBS for each cohort
  • Students can find their own placement with the support of our Work Experience Co-ordinator
  • Students can select a placement from a variety sourced by Inspire!


Students learn about the different educational pathways and qualifications from colleges, and technical qualification and apprenticeship providers. Students also visit at least one university before Year 11 and twice in the Sixth Form.


Our full-time Higher Education and Careers Manager provides individual guidance to all our Sixth Form students.

Our Year 11 students with have personal interviews with an expert from Prospects.

Each Year group has its own Progression Programme and there are also tailored activities and guidance for students with specific needs including students with Special Educational Needs.


Our partnership with UBS brings unique opportunities and links with professionals and specialists in a range of fields, who provide 'real-life' insights which enhance subject-knowledge and show how classroom learning is used in the workplace. Regular contributions are made by UBS economists and technology experts, and there are A Level Mathematics workshops e.g. on how differentiation is used on the trading floor and a Geography workshop on tackling climate change by UBS sustainability experts - UBS's 5 Broadgate office won UK Most Sustainable Building of the Year Award 2017.

During Science Week, and at other times during the year, students learn about the relevance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM subjects) to a wide range of careers.  While GCSE Spanish students improve their language skills with Spanish-speakers from UBS before visiting Spain.


The Progression Programme aims to be outstanding so we use feedback from students, parents, teachers and employers on the Programme and specific activities to reshape our Programme each year.

We also use the Department for Education's Destinations Measures to ensure we are achieving the best possible destinations for our students, and the nationally recognised Gatsby Benchmarks to assess our Programme.  Our latest results can be found HERE, these put us in the top 11% of schools as we are fully achieving seven of the eight benchmarks.  The next evaluation will be in Spring 2022.  We are also working towards meeting the Quality in Careers Standard, having achieved Level 1 in the Investors in Careers Award.

our CAREERS team

If you would like to find out more about our Progression Programme, and / or contribute to our Programme, for example by joining one of the Insight into Careers evenings, giving an assembly, hosting a work placement etc., and/or provide some feedback, please contact a member of our Progression Group:

Careers Leader:  Vice Principal, Ms Kelly Harris
T:  020 7749 5240
Acting Higher Education and Careers Manager:  rachel.foster@bridgeacademy.hackney.sch.uk
Bridge - UBS Partnership Director:  bea.malleson@bridgeacademy.hackney.sch.uk
Progression Governor:  nav.khinda@ubs.com 


Mr Chris Brown

Vice Principals:
Kelly Harris (Pastoral and Behaviour)
Paddy Cassidy (Curriculum and Assessment)
Alison Underwood (Personal Development and Inclusion)

Finance &
Resources Director:

Ken Robb