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Key Stage 3 Summary

For Key Stage 3, the students at The Bridge Academy work in three main subject specialisms/material areas for Design and Technology; Food Preparation and Nutrition, Textiles and Resistant Materials, additional elements of Systems and Control are also integrated into these programmes of study.

The students work on each specialism for a 12 week period and then rotate on a ‘carousel’ system to study all areas over the course of each year. The Key Stage 3 programme of study is based on the key assessment criteria covered at GCSE Level and is designed to effectively prepare them for the expectations of GCSE Design & Technology and GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition in Years 10 and 11.

Students focus on developing a range of key practical and design skills in each project; the following overarching ‘themes’ for each year group and subject specialism are as follows:

Subject Specialism Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Food Preparation and Nutrition Healthy Food Products for the School Canteen Healthy Italian Cafe Menu The Great British Bake-Off:  Afternoon Tea
   Each project in Food Preparation and Nutrition will incorporate a range of practical skills required to support their attainment at Key Stage 4
Resistant Materials Child's Puzzle Game
Incorporating C.A.D./C.A.M. skills, traditional wooden joints, lamination and assembly
Incorporating C.A.D. / C.A.M. skills, vacuum forming, line bending and jig constructions
Pewter Pendent
Incorporating C.A.D. / C.A.M. skills, lamination, Mould construction and filing and finishing techniques
Textiles Monster Cushion
Incorporating sewing skills, basic pattern construction and applique
Tote/Drawstring Bag
Incorporating C.A.D. / C.A.M. skills, tye dye, dip dying, stencil creation, embroidery & applique
Tee Shirt with Graphical Logo
Incorporating C.A.D. / C.A.M. skills, dye sublimation and a range of embellishment skills

In Design & Technology, it is important to develop the ability to work as a team and so collaborative learning is embedded into our lessons.

Key Stage 4 Summary

For Key Stage 4, the students at The Bridge Academy choose either AQA Design and Technology or AQA Food Preparation and Nutrition for a single award GCSE.

Details of the course structure/materials etc. can be found at here for Design & Technology and here for Food Preparation and Nutrition.

Interventions for Key Stage 4 occur weekly as part of the 'Office Hours' policy adopted by the Academy where students are encouraged to attend to develop their skills, complete coursework or gain assistance with revision topics. 

Key Stage 5 Summary

The Bridge Academy offers A Level Design and Technology: Product Design on a two year linear model.

Details of the course structure/materials etc. can be found at:


Interventions for Key Stage 5 occur each day after school and students are encouraged to attend to develop their skills, complete coursework or gain assistance with revision topics. 

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This is a list of sites that are helpful for your revision.

You should find the topic that you are studying and use the information to revise. You can do this in many ways but you could try making flashcards, drawing mind-maps or completing the online quizzes. Make sure you use the Learning Ladders too.

Video resources for a range of topics across all key stages to support independent study:


Specific online resource for KS4 Food Preparation and Nutrition:


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Useful resources on a range of theory topics:






Further information on Key Stage 4 - 5 qualifications from the exam board:


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