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KS5 Summary: Economics

At its heart, economics is about understanding how resources are used; whether by countries, businesses or individuals. Students that study economics at Bridge will be able to gain a far deeper understanding of issues that face us as a society today. This includes:


  • How to address poverty and inequality both in the UK and internationally
  • How to tackle climate change
  • How to ensure that the UK remains internationally competitive in terms of its use of technology and the skills and training of its workforce
  • How major geopolitical events such as Brexit and international conflicts affect our day-to-day lives in the UK
  • How the government should deal with products that have the potential to harm society (alcohol, cigarettes, fossil fuels etc.)


As you can see from the list above, economics is a very rich subject which covers a wide range of important issues in the world today. It is not just studying money and banks! In fact, that makes up at most about 10% of the course. As such it is an excellent subject to study in combination with other social sciences and humanities (including History, Psychology, Sociology and Politics). It is also very highly valued by universities and apprenticeship programs because of its academic rigour and its strong links with other academic subjects.


Curriculum Map

 Year 12

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Demand and supply

The UK’s Macroeconomic objectives

Market failure

UK Government Policy on the Economy

Revision for end-of-year assessments

Market Structures (including monopolies and oligopolies)


Year 13

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Labour markets

National minimum wage

Trade unions

International trade

Exchange rates

Economics of developing countries

Revision for A-level examinations


 How can I succeed in economics? 

Economics is an essay-based subject which is assessed by three 2-hour papers at the end of year 13. There is no coursework.  

Revision questions and materials will be provided in lessons for each topic and, to succeed, students should make sure they work through these thoroughly and to the best of their ability. In addition, past exam papers and mark schemes can be accessed through the OCR economics website: https://www.ocr.org.uk/qualifications/as-and-a-level/economics-h060-h460-from-2019/assessment/  

Finally, the resources below can be used to build a broader understanding of the subject. This is important for students aiming for an A or A*. 


Resources for learning more about economics  

Economics: The User’s Guide – Ha-Joon Chang

This is an excellent introductory book on economics by one of the world’s leading economists and professor of economics at the University of Cambridge – Ha-Joon Chang.  

The Financial Times

Available in news agents and online, the Financial Times contains analysis of current events with an emphasis on the economy.  

EconplusDal (Youtube Channel)

This youtube channel by an experienced economics teacher contains excellent videos to help you to revise A-Level economics.  


This website contains revision resources for economics at both A-Level and GCSE.

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