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Modern Foreign Languages

Key Stage 3 Summary

Across Key Stage 3 we build the core skills that students need to be successful in MFL.

The Department currently delivers a curriculum which equips our students with the linguistic structures necessary to develop their knowledge and prepare them GCSE Spanish or both at Key Stage 4 & A Level Spanish or at Key Stage 5.

We also encourage students to undertake a GCSE and A Level in their home language.

In Year 9, students are encouraged to take GCSE Spanish at Key Stage 4. In Year 10, students follow the AQA GCSE course.

At The Bridge Academy, the students learn Spanish for three years. 

In order to ensure progression into Key Stage 4, in line with new GCSE specifications, students are taught sub-topics under the three general GCSE themes:


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Year 7

My life and free time

My school, family and friends

My city

Year 8

My holidays and everything about my life

Let’s eat! - daily routine

Operation summer

Year 9

That’s us! - jobs

In shape – young people in action (human rights, environment)

An adventure in Madrid


Key Stage 4 Summary

At GCSE we follow AQA examination board over the course of two years for Spanish

New specifications for GCSE means all MFL examinations are linear. Students will sit their GCSE examinations at the end of Year 11.

There are four papers: speaking, listening, reading and writing, each weighing 25%.

Over the course of the two years we cover the following themes, in more depth:

Theme 1: Identity and culture: Travel and Tourism, Family concerns, Socialising, IT in everyday life, Free time, Social Networks concerns
Theme 2: Local, national, international and global areas of interest: Home, town, neighbourhood/ region; The environment, Social issues, Global issues, Sporting events, Healthy lifestyle and living
Theme 3: Current and future study and employment:
School/College/University & Future Plans, Full & Part-time Jobs, career choices and ambitions, Gap year, Importance of languages for Future

Curriculum Map


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Year 10

Travel, tourism, my studies

Me, my family, and friends

Home, town, neighbourhood, region and free time activities

Year 11

Job, career choices, ambitions and environment, social and global issues



Key Stage 5 Summary

At A Level we also study AQA Spanish.

With new specifications AS – Year 1 consists of 3 exams: Speaking, Listing & Reading, Writing & translations papers.

The course is designed for students which have recently qualified in GCSE Spanish and have achieved a grade 5 (B) or above. It aims at developing students’ speaking fluency and conversation.

It is for those students who wish to gain:

  • A lasting appreciation of language and learning
  • An ability to comprehend Spanish in a wide range of contexts
  • An ability to communicate readily in Spanish for a variety of purposes
  • Useful knowledge of and insights into Spanish speaking cultures, both contemporary and historic
  • Valuable skills for foreign travel, further education and employment.

Undoubtedly the course can lead to a degree course in the language or a course that has a language option alongside it. Having a language at AS or A Level will certainly improve your employability, in particular with companies that have international branches.

Curriculum Map



Term 2

Term 3

Year 12

Traditional and modern values, cyberspace, gender equality and celebrities’ influence

Spain’s identity and cultural patrimony


Year 13

Immigration, racism, cohabitation and young society

Monarchy, dictatorship and unions


Useful Links

This is a list of sites that are helpful for your revision.

You should find the topic that you are studying and use the information to revise. You can do this in many ways but you could try making flashcards, drawing mind-maps and completing online grammar and vocab tests.

Useful sites

Spanish Key Stage 3 & Key Stage 4:


Spanish Key Stage 4 & Key Stage 5:

http://web.aqa.org.uk - GCSE Spanish & French & AS & A2 Spanish/French (past papers and course information)

http://live.kerboodle.com – AS Spanish only (year 12 have log-ins already)

Spanish Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 & Key Stage 5:

http://www.languagesonline.org  – vocabulary, grammar and topic revision





Online Spanish Audio Dictionary(Key Stage 3 - Key Stage 5):

spanish.about.com/od/vocabulary/a/audiodictionary - look up individual words for pronunciation guidance and meaning.

MYLO www.hellomylo.com – Use the ‘I need the basics’ activities to revise key topic areas (and build your confidence!). The ‘I’d like a challenge’ activities are GCSE Level. The listening activities all have transcripts, but try doing them without reading these first.

BBC Bitesize - www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/spanish - GCSE-style Listening and Reading questions that you can mark online. Do the Foundation as well as the Higher activities. The Grammar section is useful for those annoying little words (try Pronouns and When, where and how much)

Spanish Revision www.spanishrevision.co.uk - The Intermediate section contains core GCSE vocabulary and some sample exercises from EdExcel.

Languages Online www.languagesonline.org.uk - A variety of exercises.

Spanish News:

www.euronews.net Select language ‘español’ and then choose from a wide variety of News videos.


es.news.yahoo.com Follow the link to Video Noticias for three-minute news clips.


Spanish TV channel websites: www.antena3tv.com Choose from the menu for the topic area you are interested in and then browse for video clips: www.antena3videos.com 

For news, browse for videos at: www.informativos.telecinco.es or www.canalsur.es Click on the link to TV “en directo” (live) and you will be able to watch the channel on streaming video. www.informativos.telecinco.es/reproductor_video 

For celebrity gossip.... es.celebrities.yahoo.com Click on “Perfiles de Famosos”

Spanish Radio on-line: www.rtve.es/rne/envivo.htm Select a radio station from the list.

www.topradio.es Easy listening music radio station for Spanish and English / American pop music.

www.lyngsat.com/freeradio/Spain.htm Selection of the most important radio channels

Spanish Reading:

www.bbc.co.uk/languages/spanish/news The best place to start is the BBC’s languages web-pages. Choose the “reportajes” link to find articles from the former “Semanario Internet” with a variety of reading exercises.

www.elmundo.es Spanish daily newspaper. The website gives you access to all of the day’s news articles.

www.elpais.es Spanish daily newspaper. The website gives you access to the day’s news articles although you may require a subscription to view the majority of the articles in full.



On-line Spanish daily news: www.terra.es 

On-line Spanish daily news: www.donbalon.es/front

Spanish football website with related articles: www.hola.com 

Spanish celebrity gossip magazine. Subscription required to view some of the articles: www.terra.es  ( archive news)

www.marca.es  (sport) www.estrelladigital.es 

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