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At The Bridge Academy we believe we have a role in educating the whole child.

This means much more than that which happens in the mainstream curriculum. A key function of the Academy is to provides links to the wider world, encouraging our students to be aware of the exciting range of life experiences available to them. By providing opportunities for students to engage in activities outside the classroom, we hope to encourage them to see themselves as young people entitled to and able to take advantage of, culturally enriching experiences through their lives. Below is a flavour of some of the opportunities that will be available to your child.


Every Wednesday at Period 6, students will participate in PIP.

This is a programme of activities to support students’ personal development, and will include an array of opportunities including for example:

  • Sporting fixtures
  • Musical ensembles
  • Community volunteering
  • Duke of Edinburgh Awards
  • Enterprise activities
  • Extended projects
  • Lecture series


Throughout their life within the Sixth Form, students will have numerous opportunities to participate in trips and visits beyond their curriculum areas.

This will include university visits, trips to the theatre, concerts, galleries, lectures to name but a few!


We value the opinion and the input of our students in bringing about change and driving improvement for the whole Academy.

The Sixth Form Council, led by the newly appointed Head Boy, Head Girl and their deputies, are at the heart of this process.

Students will have opportunities both formally and informally to express their ideas and opinions through council meetings and from conversations with the Sixth Form council members. There will be an opportunity for all students to apply for a position on the council, as well as for the posts of Head Boy and Head Girl. A Senior Prefect Team will also be established.


Sixth Form students are welcome to join any after school clubs and are encouraged to support the running of clubs for lower year groups.

Tutor competitions will form a regular part of Sixth Form life and the social arm of the student council will arrange termly events.

Mr Chris Brown

Vice Principals:
Kelly Harris (Personal Development and wellbeing)
Sarah Bennett (Pastoral and Behaviour)
Sophie Poole (Standards and Curriculum)

Finance &
Resources Director:

Ken Robb