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Governance at The Bridge Academy, Hackney:

There are essentially five categories of Governor at The Bridge Academy:

1) Sponsor Governors – these are Governors appointed by the Sponsor.

2) Community Governor – Community Governors are appointed (and re-appointed) by the Governing Body and are likely to be people living or working in the community served by the Academy.

3) Parent Governor must be the parent of a registered student at the Academy and is elected by the parent body. When a vacancy occurs an election must be held and nominations invited - if only one candidate applies, they are considered elected. When a Parent Governor’s term of office comes to an end, the Governing Body cannot just reappoint them. The vacancy must be advertised, and an election held. Parent Governors do not represent parents, but instead, are representative of parents.

4) The Local Authority Governor is appointed by the Governing Body and is usually employed by the Local Authority. The Local Authority Governor does not represent the Local Authority.

5) The Staff Governor is elected by the staff working at the school.

The Governing Body’s Appointments Committee regularly reviews the range of skills and experience of Governors in order to identify any potential gaps.

Governors usually serve on the Governing Body for a period of four years. It is not unusual for Governors to be reappointed when their period of office matures and in exceptional circumstances, where their skill set is considered imperative to the effective functioning of the Governing Body, reappointed for a third term of four years. When an elected Governor’s term of office comes to an end, the vacancy must be advertised, and an election held.

All vacancies are considered by the Appointments Committee which will recommend potential candidates to the Governing Body.

The Bridge Academy Governance Structure 

Mr Chris Brown

Vice Principals:
Kelly Harris
Elaine Anglin
Samuel Alner
Sophie Poole

Finance &
Resources Director:

Ken Robb