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Key Stage 4

In KS4, students on the “core route” participate in 1 hour of PE each week.

During this time students develop their knowledge and understanding of PE necessary to lead a healthy active lifestyle that can hopefully be maintained through their adult life.

Students can also chose to select GCSE PE as an option in KS4. In course students will receive an additional 3 hours per week of PE and they study PE and Sport in much greater detail than in PE lessons and will develop and increase their understanding of the subject.

The GCSE PE course will appeal to students if they:

  • Have a keen interest in sport and recreation and always look forward to their PE lessons
  • Take part in sport/recreation outside of class time
  • Want to follow a course that develops knowledge and understanding through practical involvement
  • Want to know more about the benefits of sports and exercise
  • Want to improve their own performance in a range of sports roles
  • Want to study a course that is active and that they will enjoy
  • Are considering a sports-related career or an A Level/Higher Education course
  • Are interested in learning the theory about training and what happens to our body systems when we exercise

The course builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills established in Key Stage 3 PE. It will give students exciting opportunities to be involved in a number of different physical activities, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. Students can perform in one or all of the following roles: player/participant, leader or official. Students should have an interest in PE and sport, enjoy being active and appreciate the benefits of keeping fit and healthy.

Through a variety of classroom based as well as practical sessions, students will:

  • Develop their knowledge and practical skills in a range of physical activities
  • Examine the effects of exercise and how training can improve performance
  • Find ways to improve their own performances in a variety of roles
  • Identify ways to develop and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle through participation in physical activity

The GCSE course is assessed over two units.

Unit 1 is externally assessed through a written examination paper of 1 hour and 30 minutes. This will contribute a maximum of 40% towards the total mark.

Unit 2 is assessed in two sections:

Section 1 - Four practical performances in the role of either player/participant, leader or official. Students can achieve 48% of the marks from their four performances, two of which may be in the role of leader of official.

Section 2 - Analysis of performance in one of the chosen activities. This will be worth 12% of the marks and should include planning, performing and evaluating a Personal Exercise Programme.

Mr Chris Brown

Vice Principals:
Kelly Harris (Personal Development and wellbeing)
Sarah Bennett (Pastoral and Behaviour)
Sophie Poole (Standards and Curriculum)

Finance &
Resources Director:

Ken Robb