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Directors of Learning


At the Bridge Academy, every year group has a director of learning.

The directors of learning are responsible for the academic success of all students as well as supporting any pastoral needs.

The directors of learning work closely with students who might be underachieving academically, understanding their barriers to learning and creating bespoke support programmes to help all bridge students achieve.   

If you have any concerns regarding your child's academic progress, please contact their director of learning and they will either meet with you or put you in touch with their subject teacher / the relevant subject leader as appropriate.

Year 7 Director of Learning: Mr Elliott Naylor

EMAIL:  Elliott.Naylor@bridgeacademy.hackney.sch.uk

Direct Dial Number:  0207 749 5258

Year 7 Deputy Director of Learning: Ms Canan Ozcelik

EMAIL:  Diler.Ozcelik@bridgeacademy.hackney.sch.uk

Direct Dial Number: 0207 749 5266

Year 8 Director of Learning: Doyin Akinyemi

EMAIL: Doyin.Akinyemi@bridgeacademy.hackney.sch.uk

Direct Dial Number:  0207 749 5263

Year 8 Deputy Director of Learning: Mr Gabriel Momodu

EMAIL: Gabriel.Momodu@bridgeacademy.hackney.sch.uk

Direct Dial Number:  0207 749 5263

Year 9 Director of Learning: Ali Aiba Reynolds

EMAIL:  Ali.Aiba-Reynolds@bridgeacademy.hackney.sch.uk

Direct Dial Number:  0207 749 5264

Year 9 Deputy Director of Learning: Mr Clement Owusu

EMAIL:  AnochieClement.Owusu@bridgeacadmy.hackney.sch.uk

Direct Dial Number:  0207 749 5264

Year 10 Director of Learning: Gouman Omar

EMAIL: Gouman.Omar@bridgeacademy.hackney.sch.uk

Direct Dial Number:  0207 749 5265

Year 10 Deputy Director of Learning: Shifa Begum

EMAIL:  Shifa.Begum@bridgeacademy.hackney.sch.uk

Direct Dial Number:  020 7749 5254

Year 11 Director of Learning: Ariane Oyejobi

EMAIL: Ariane.Oyejobi@bridgeacademy.hackney.sch.uk

Direct Dial Number: 0207 749 5269

Year 11 Deputy Director of Learning: Mr Liam Spencer

EMAIL: Liam.Spencer@bridgeacademy.hackney.sch.uk

Direct Dial Number: 0207 749 5269

Student absences

If you wish to report a student absence you must call the academy on 0207 749 5240 / dial 1 - student absences and leave your message.

Mr Chris Brown

Vice Principals:
Kelly Harris
Elaine Anglin
Samuel Alner
Sophie Poole

Finance &
Resources Director:

Ken Robb