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Year 8 Revision

Students in Year 8 complete Mathematics Homework using an online programme called HegartyMaths.

The website contains over 850+ videos for every single topic in the Mathematics GCSE curriculum which are designed and delivered by Mr Colin Hegarty.

Mr Hegarty is an award-winning teacher who won the UK Teacher of the Year 2014 and was nominated in the top 10 teachers in the 2016 Global Teacher Prize.  Currently, HegartyMaths is used by over 1000 schools and multiple studies have shown that students who use HegartyMaths on a weekly basis achieve a significantly higher Mathematics GCSE grade in Year 11 compared to those who do not.

After every video, HegartyMaths has an assessment with questions covering everything taught in the video.  Everything your child completes is recorded and reported back to the teacher and to the child so that it is clear what their strengths and weaknesses are.  

Students will be required to complete 1 homework per week set by the teacher (but students have access to all topics and are encouraged to use the website as much as they can).  Homework should be completed in a separate exercise book provided by the teacher.

 Please see the Support Guide for more information.


Please use this video to help your child to complete their self-quizzing in Year 7, 8 and 9.

They will need to complete one full side of A4 each night and will then have a 10 question quiz to check their knowledge.

Guidance for Homework at The Bridge Academy can be found here

Letter to parents re REVISED REVISION can be found here


Mr Chris Brown

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