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Recognition at the Bridge Academy

The Bridge Academy places great importance on recognising students when they achieve success in demonstrating our core values of Hard work, Integrity and Kindness through their work and behaviour.

We regularly share ‘shout outs’ from teachers at student meetings, nominate students for positive postcards home and Directors of Learning hold half termly recognition assemblies to recognise students for a range of positive behaviours and progress.

Achievement Points: Each day, every student is awarded 3 achievement points to recognise our high expectations that they will come to school on time, fully prepared and work hard throughout the day. If a student receives a correction or is late, they will lose a point. At the end of each term, students who have the highest numbers of Achievement Points will receive a Bronze, Silver or Gold certificate recognising their high total scores as well as a badge to display on their blazers. The students with the top Achievement Point scores across the school will also have their names and photographs displayed in our Central Square and around the Academy. Students who keep all of their achievement points each week gain points for their House.

Attainment and Progress: Each half term we will display the top student attainment and progress scores in our Central Square. This is to recognise those students who are working hard in their subjects and crucially are improving from their previous assessments.

We also celebrate excellence in subjects. Each year there are awards in each subject area, named after an inspirational figure in that subject. The two students in each year who win these will have shown continuous excellence throughout the year.

Types of recognition summary


Type of recognition


·        Regular praise in lessons and notes in student planners/ postcards

·        Class shout outs from class teachers shared at student meetings


·        Star of the Week – each subject teacher calls home for their Star of the Week

·        Achievement point totals are shared in tutor time

Half termly

·        Recognition assemblies celebrating achievement points and progress and attainment in subjects

·        House point shield awarded


·        Awards evening


·        Annual subject awards

·        Yearly achievement point winners

·        House point cup awarded



Awards Evening: Celebrating fantastic achievements of our students, who received awards for Excellent Attainment and Outstanding Progress




Mr Chris Brown

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