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Staff List



Chris Brown


Paddy Cassidy

Vice Principal (Curriculum and Assessment)

Alison Underwood 

Vice Principal (Personal Development and Inclusion)

Kelly Harris (0.8fte)

Vice Principal (Pastoral and Behaviour)

Sarah Bennett (0.8fte)

Assistant Vice Principal (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead) 

Sophie Poole

Assistant Vice Principal

Samantha Holmes (0.6fte)

Assistant Vice Principal

Colin Samuels

Assistant Vice Principal

Warren Gourley

Assistant Vice Principal

David Hickson (0.8fte)

Assistant Vice Principal

Evelyn Peck

Assistant Vice Principal (MC) & SENDCo

Ken Robb

Finance & Resources Director

Clare Stokes

Inclusion Manager
(Designated Safeguarding Lead)


Sophie Braithwaite

Art & Design Subject Leader 

Rhiannon Jones

Teacher of Art

Nadya Waisome

Design Technology Subject Leader  (+ Additional Responsibility: PSHE & Parent Ambassador Group Lead)

Ursula Davies

Teacher of Design Technology

Holly Holland (0.8fte)

Teacher of Design Technology

Kimberley Chatterley

Drama Subject Leader

Charlotte Horton

Teacher of Drama

Clare Tingay

Teacher of Drama

Jennifer Lindsey

Head of Learning Area for English (English and Media)

Rachel Rock

Head of Learning Area (ARC/Curriculum + Additional Responsibility Extended Senior Leadership Team) (ML)

Hannah Ellison-Dunn

English Second in Department (KS3 Co-ordinator)

Gouman Omar

English Second in Department (KS4 Co-ordinator)

Jude Offord

Teacher of English (KS5 Co-ordinator)

Doyin Akinyemi (0.8fte)

Teacher of English

Helena Goodrich

Teacher of English

Harriet Walsh

Teacher of English 

Reanna Teape

Teacher of English

Tracy Foster

Teacher of English, Lead Teacher for ASDAN & Lead Learning Support Assistant  

Leo Deliss

Economics  Subject Leader

Daniella Oliver

Geography Subject Leader

Tara Mallon Doyle

Geography Teacher & PSHE Second in Department

Adam Subkow

History Subject Leader

Ruth Springer (0.5fte) 

Teacher of Humanities 

Christine Dawkins

Teacher of Humanities 

Naul Mullen

Teacher of Humanities

Rahma Mohamed

Teacher of History

Faisal Bakht

ICT / Computing Subject Leader

Joshua Devan

Teacher of ICT / Computing & Maths

Kofi Karikari

Teacher of ICT / Computing

Lauren O'Connor-Simpson

Head of Learning Area for Mathematics (Maths and Economics)

Jalpa Rawal

Maths Second in Department

Daniel Lilley

Maths Second in Department

Safae Benmouh

Teacher of Maths (ML)

Amina Yonis

Teacher of Maths  

Bertie Simpson Teacher of Maths

Nasrin Croft 

Teacher of Maths

Sarah Carr

Teacher of Maths

Pauline Byles Teacher of Maths

Priyanka Makwana

Teacher of Maths (EL)

Thelma Baffour Teacher of Maths

Ben Grant

Teacher of Maths

Rushna Begum

Teacher of Maths

Corey McMillan

Media Studies Second In Department

Monica Goncalves

Modern Foreign Languages
Subject Leader

Emiley Bendle

Head of Learning Area for Art and Design (Art, DT and Computer Science)

Alice Worthington

Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages 

Ana Barrios

Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

Kathryn Judd

Director of Music

Richard Lloyd

Music Second In Department

Uzo Nwanaga

Music Second In Department

Lauren Savage

Head of Learning Area for PE (+ other subjects) (+ Additional Responsibility: PCM & Lead Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator)

Janine Al- Adely

PE Second In Department

Dan Skipper

Teacher of PE

Dean Mundle- Smith

Teacher of PE

Kate Rooney (0.8fte)

Head of Learning Area for Performing Arts & Health (Drama, Music, PE and Health & Social Care) (ML)

Emma Daly

Head of Learning Area for History and Politics (PSHE, Politics and Citizenship, History)

Isobel Boyson (0.9fte)

Head of Learning Area for Society & Languages (RE & Sociology, MFL and Geography)

Katherine Murphy (0.8fte)

Extended Leadership Team Member Responsible for Science & Psychology

Hannah Opoku-Mensah

Psychology Subject Leader

Simone Sherwood

Deputy Head of Science

Shahzada Atif Niwaz

Deputy Head of Science

Hok Man Tang

Teacher of Physics

Alia Shaikh (0.6fte)

Teacher of Science

Shadie Kanj

Teacher of Science

Laura Seabright (0.6fte)

Teacher of Science

Jonathan Parris

Teacher of Science

Liam Spencer Teacher of Science
Fahima Haque (0.6fte) Teacher of Science
Hibaq Abdule

Teacher of Science

Asher Rhone

Teacher of Science (Teach First)

Kristina Stagg

Teacher of Science

Judy Fan

Teacher of Science

Elysa d'Abbro (0.8fte)

Teacher of Science

Nadine Stuart

Primary Transition Teacher 


Katie Reader

Year 7 Director of Learning 

Ali Aiba-Reynolds

Year 8 Director of Learning  (+ Additional Responsibility: Mental Health Lead) 

Melanie Robinson

Year 8 Deputy Director of Learning & Food & Design Technology Support Assistant 

Faye Kelly

Year 9 Director of Learning/PE Teacher 

Shifa Begum

Year 9 Deputy Director of Learning/Lead Learning Support Assistant 
Ariane Oyejobi Year 10 Director of Learning

Jonathan Bellinger

Year 11 Director of Learning / PE Teacher

Canan Ozcelik Year 10 & 11 Deputy Director of Learning 
Cecilia Cuicchi  Year 12 Director of Learning / Maths Teacher (+ Additional Responsibility: Duke of Edinburgh Assistant)
Hugh Fox Year 13 Director of Learning 


Sahresh Khan

ARC Manager

Rebecca Antwi

ARC Learning Support Assistant

Anna Schmidt-Hansen (0.6fte)

Art & Design Technician


Art & Design Technician

Lorraine Cohen

Attendance & Admissions Manager

Kate Clark (0.6fte)


Charlotta Mason (0.4fte)


Patrick Joseph

Cover Supervisor

Azariah Lindo

Cover Supervisor 

Lana Joinson

Cover Supervisor

Cathie Coyle

Data & Exams Manager 

Shamimur Rahman

Data & Exams Officer

Alex Tuckwood (0.8fte)

Design Technology Technician

Diana Mensah

Higher Education & Careers Manager & PSHE Second in Department (ML)

Rachel Foster

Higher Education & Careers Manager & PSHE Second in Department (MC)

Leah Callaghan

Inclusion Administrator 

Lara Abbiss-Stubbs 

Deputy SENDCo

Nadia Islam

Lead Learning Support Assistant 

Khadeejah Khatun Learning Support Assistant
Ryan Pluck Learning Support Assistant
Zainab Patel Learning Support Assistant (ML)
Megan Watson Learning Support Assistant

Mubashera Pathan

Learning Support Assistant 

Ella Brocklebank

Learning Support Assistant 

Thomas Bedding

Learning Support Assistant 

Giorgia Garozzo

Learning Support Assistant 

Wai Yen (Lisa) Man

Lead Science Technician

Marlene Attard (0.6fte)

Science Technician

Gerald Howgate

Science Technician

Aidan Higgins

Learning Resource Centre Manager

Maria-Pilar Baines-Alarcos 

Modern Foreign Languages Assistant

Ellen Baumgartner (0.6fte)

Modern Foreign Languages Assistant (French)

Don Burgess

Music Technician

Nima Khanom

Sixth Form Administrator

Bianca Thomas

Student Support Administrator

(Part Time) 


Tracey Bannister (0.6fte)

PA to the Principal

Beatrice Malleson (0.8fte)

Partnership Director

Lynsey Fitzpatrick

UBS Employee Volunteer Manager

Caroline Addison

UBS Project & Volunteer Manager (Part Time)

Maureen McCann

Office Manager

Rossana Da Cunha

Administrator with Reception Responsibilities (AM) 

Veronica Anderson-Brown Receptionist/Administrator (PM) 
Jasmine Chin Administrator - Responsible for Reprographics & Reception Cover

Martina McLachlan


Harriet Luwum

Finance Manager

Priscilla Agyare

Human Resources Manager

Tatiana Monteiro

Human Resources Administrator

Mahboob Abdul Kadir

Head of Information Technology

Neville Simpson

Senior ICT Technician

Gulaid Adan

ICT Technician

Ali Raza

System Administrator 


Ian Dust

Facilities Manager

Mark Porter
Assistant Facilities Manager

Jamie McManus

Facilities Technician

Reginald Campbell

Facilities Technician


Kamel Ouahchia

Catering Manager

M’hamed Oukid

Breakfast Chef 

Kim Nguyen

Dining Assistant

Lois Maskell

Dining Assistant (ML)

Patricia Goncalves

Dining Assistant (MC)

Wenta Arbha

Kitchen Assistant

Kouaho (Dominique) Aman

Kitchen Porter

Mamy Kabala

Commis Chef 


Suzanne Morrow

Senior Lunch Time Supervisor

Sufia Karim

Lunch Time Supervisor 

Rezina Talukdar

Lunch Time Supervisor 

Silpi Begum

Lunch Time Supervisor 

Suraiya Khatun 

Administration Assistant/Lunch Time Supervisor

Other Long and Short Term Workers

Michelle Manabat

 Teacher of English

Saskia-Rene Elia

 Learning Support Assistant

Carrie Gibbons

Learning Support Assistant

Martha Prevezer (0.2fte)

Learning Support Assistant (Volunteer)

Idil Yilmaz (0.2fte)

History Teaching Assistant (Volunteer)

Yilmaz Akdal

 Turkish Tutor (Part Time)

 Jean Pierre Henao

 Audio Visual Technician (Adhoc Basis)

Janet Pearce

 Place2Be Transition Manager
 (External Organisation)


Mr Chris Brown

Vice Principals:
Kelly Harris (Pastoral and Behaviour)
Paddy Cassidy (Curriculum and Assessment)
Alison Underwood (Personal Development and Inclusion)

Finance &
Resources Director:

Ken Robb