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It’s so easy to post online now - from your computer, digital camera or mobile, that often we do so without thinking. Sometimes we post things we wish we hadn’t and want to get them removed. Most sites will have a delete post option, but remember that once you have put something up – anyone can save it and re post.

Video hosting sites like YouTube do have the ability to take down inappropriate or offensive content. The video will need to be illegal or to have broken the terms and conditions of the site. On YouTube you can report by creating an account and logging in, once you have done this – you can ‘flag content as inappropriate’. This option can be found under the video itself.

 Some people without good intentions can try to persuade you to post inappropriate or sexual content online either via your digital camera, phone or on webcam. If you feel uncomfortable about anything that anyone asks you to do online, in a chat area, IM, social networking site or elsewhere – block them and then report it. - ‘CEOP report’ You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to – even if you have done it before; so be strong with these people and say no if your instincts tell you it's not right.

Who can I tell if I’m worried? 

  1. Speak to an adult you trust, parent, teacher or relative.
  2. If you prefer, you can talk to Childline, a confidential helpline run by the NSPCC. You can call them on 0800 1111 or go online at www.childline.org.uk.
  3. If you are worried about something that is happening to you online, report it through ClickCEOP.  Check out more info on this site but if you want to talk to someone - go to your parent/carer or another adult you trust.


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