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Please follow the timetable below as a guide and use the links to access the relevant resources. You may not use all of the resources- but make sure that you are doing a different subject each time period. 



Resource needed

Period 1 (8.30-9.25am)

Languages (English OR Spanish)

KS3 English

KS4 English 1

KS4 English 2

Yr7 Spanish

Yr8 Spanish

Yr9 Spanish

Yr10 Spanish

Yr11 Spanish

Period 2



KS3 Maths

KS4 Maths

Period 3


Science OR Humanities (KS3)

KS3 Science 1

KS3 Science 2

KS4 Science 1

KS4 Science 2

KS3 Geography

KS3 History

Year 7 RE

Year 8 and 9 RE 

Period 4


PE (KS3)

Options subjects (KS4)



KS4 Geography

KS4 H and SC



Spanish (links are above)

Period 5


Self quizzing and DEAR (remember that all subjects will be in your quiz- so even if you are not handing one subject self quizzing in due to being absent, you still need to revise that core sheet).

Core sheets and jotter

Reading book


All resources (except core sheets, jotter and reading book) are available via links in the table above.

All completed work should be brought back to the Academy and handed in to the relevant subject teachers.

The following websites might be helpful when completing subject work:

Oak National Academy

All subjects by key stage - Oak National Academy (thenational.academy)

Curriculum - Curriculum (continuityoak.org.uk)

BBC Bitesize

Secondary Homework Help | Online subjects - BBC Bitesize

Mr Chris Brown

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Kelly Harris
Elaine Anglin
Samuel Alner
Alison Underwood

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