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In Years 7 - 9, students self-quiz every day for homework, using their core sheets and the learn, cover, write, correct method. These sheets have been carefully designed by subject leaders to include the most important knowledge for that topic. By regularly reviewing this core knowledge at home, in lessons and in the weekly consolidation quizzes, students have the best chance of making this core knowledge stick in their long-term memory. Further explanation of student core sheets and self-quizzing is here:

In addition to self-quizzing, students will complete Maths homework using Sparx online, as well as reading, music and extra curricular practice.

In Years 10 - 13 students will complete both self-quizzing and homework tasks set by their teachers on Microsoft Teams.

Examples of homework timetables are given below:

Year 7


Year 10


Mr Chris Brown

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Kelly Harris
Elaine Anglin
Samuel Alner
Alison Underwood

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