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The ARC  

The ARC is our on-site behaviour provision located on the second floor of The Bridge Academy. Students can be referred or excluded here for 3-5 days. ARC stands for Achieve, Reflect and Change. Its mission is to give students time to reflect on their behaviour or a particular incident and work with staff to change patterns of behaviour which allow the student to be successful at Bridge. The ARC can have up to 8 students and we find this smaller environment allows students to practise their behaviour and give us the opportunity to identify any learning barriers and support them to make progress.   

Subjects in the ARC  

Students will have an English and Maths lesson every day. These will be taught by English and Maths teachers in Bridge. They also have SEAL lessons (Social, Emotional Aspects of Learning). Here they will look at how they react to situations and practise the Bridge Academy routines. They also take part in project- based learning called SOLE. In these sessions they research a topic from their subjects and write an article on it. We also work with outside providers such as, Place 2 Be and Speech and language.  


  • Students are to wear full school uniform. For some sessions students may be asked to attend in P.E kit but this is only when instructed by a member of the ARC team.  
  • Students are expected to bring their usual equipment and their English and Maths books.  
  • If in KS4 students should bring their books and resources for all subjects.  
  • Student should arrive at 9 and they will be picked up at the Haggerston School Gate. Any later than 9 and they will have a detention. The school day ends at 3:15 unless students have a detention. 
  • Detentions will be given for lack of work complete, poor behaviour or lateness.  
  • Normal school lunch is provided at the ARC.  
  • Parents will be called at the end of the ARC to give feedback on their child’s progression. 
  • Self-quizzing must be handed in every day and that consolation quizzes will still be taken

After the ARC  

  • Some students will be placed on report. This will include attendance to ARC Breakfast at 8.  
  • When students leave the ARC they will be monitored for the rest of the half term. ARC staff will observe them in lessons and check-in on students.   


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Mr Chris Brown

Vice Principals:
Kelly Harris
Elaine Anglin
Samuel Alner
Alison Underwood

Finance &
Resources Director:

Ken Robb